In addition to being the author of full-length fiction and non-fiction, Brent Loehr’s work has appeared in multiple magazines including:

Outdoor Canada Fishing special 2020

  • An article on spearfishing published in the Field Guide section of the special ‘Fishing’ issue of Outdoor Canada magazine
  • with advice from International Underwater Spearfishing Association multiple-World Record holder Brad Loehr
  • also appeared in the Outdoor Canada WEST edition

Outdoor Canada West cover 2020

The Hideout cover

  • A cover story and feature article on The Hideout recording studio (Kevin Churko et al) appeared online and in Professional Sound magazine
  • The Churko family’s recording studio in Las Vegas has seen some of the industry’s best musicians pass through its doors

  • A column about the long overdue wait for the next Saskatchewan ball player to make the Big Leagues was published on the Canadian Baseball Network website  (Following Terry Puhl)

  • A version of Qablunaaq on Hudson Bay appeared online and in an edition of Westworld magazine (CAA)
  • also appeared across the country simultaneously in Going Places magazine (CAA)
  • details a fascinating day spent on Hudson Bay with a group of Inuit hunters

  • A story about Canadian rocker Todd Kerns appeared online and in Canadian Musician magazine
  • it explores his rise from small-town Saskatchewan to playing bass for Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash

  • Strange Animal was published online and in the special humour issue of Transition magazine
  • a story on the exploits of former major league baseball player Bill Lee

Swedish Press

  • The Swedish Chef  (based on the Svenska Kocken story from The Global Baseball Classroom) was published online and in Swedish Press magazine
  • a piece about meeting the real-life inspiration for the Swedish Chef

  • Just a Ball was published in Prairies North
  • a story of the fate of a baseball autographed by the likes of Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig (that was given to a priest from St. Peter’s Monastery)

9-of-diamonds-diamond-logo-only13.jpg9 of Diamonds Publishing was a registered business name during the publication and promotions cycle of The Global Baseball Classroom.