The Buzz about the GBC

“This book beautifully captures the determination of players around the globe who pursue the game, often in very difficult conditions, simply because they love to play.” 

Jim Abbott, former major leaguer, motivational speaker

“A school is where you find it. And the Global Baseball Classroom is an excellent one. A fine addition to your baseball library.”

Bill Lee, former major leaguer, author

“It (The Global Baseball Classroom) takes the game of baseball out of the context we are all accustomed to and shows what it is truly capable in other parts of the world. All fans should check this one out.”

Gregg’s Baseball Bookcase,

“In each of the places along the way, he explains how baseball has helped change and impact the lives of those within these countries. More importantly, he provides a solid narrative allowing the reader to immerse themselves into the culture and lifestyle of those he comes across while on travels.”

Baseball Magazine

“There are so many interesting stories in the Global Baseball Classroom…it’s a great read!”

Dan Reynish, former host of CBC Saskatchewan Weekend

Archived interview on CBC Saskatchewan Weekend with Dan Reynish

“Consider this required reading. Class dismissed.”

“An Apple for Teacher” posting on Ron Kaplan’s Baseball Book Shelf

“Anyone interested in baseball should definitely check out this collection. It can be exciting to read someone else’s recollection of events gone by.”

article by Canadian Baseball Network’s Matt Betts

“The Global Baseball Classroom: Reflections Beyond Home, with its delightfully descriptive prose, is an easy and enjoyable read.”

–Keith Foster (review published in TRANSITION magazine)

“Brent Loehr’s new book reveals a zest for life which overflows into his love, among other things, people, baseball, education and writing.”

–Prairie Messenger

This is the CLASSROOM  (published by the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation)

“New book explores passion for baseball, learning” feature in the Prairie Messenger

Brent read from The Global Baseball Classroom and answered questions at the St. Peter’s College launch of The Society  on April 7. The evening also featured P.J. Worrell and selected contributors of St. Peter’s College annual literary magazine. Here is an article about it from the Humboldt Journal/East Central Trader

“Small Town Perspective gets Big Time Platform” interview with the Humboldt Journal

“Where Were You In 93? The Post Game Riot in Saskatoon” snippets of the interview with CBC 94.1 (Saskatoon) regarding the Toronto Blue Jays 1993 World Series win and the celebrations that turned into a riot

On Amazon:

Read about a perilous trip on Arctic waters with an adventurous group of Inuit hunters; rewarding Canadian baseball connections with the spirited Bill Spaceman Lee and legendary author W.P. Kinsella; an encounter with a one-armed European ballplayer who had never heard of Jim Abbott; a baseball signed by Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig that touched lives at a monastery for decades; and a life-altering summer spent in Africa growing the game.